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Zhejiang Fangye BioTech Co.,Ltd.
was set up in 1997.

Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology Development Co., Ltd. as a professional China wholesale Specimen bottle manufacturers and Specimen bottle suppliers, we devote to the development, production and sales. Due to the advanced plastic inserting molding machine and experienced technicians, we are able to develop and design new items by ourselves.

The products include cryogenic vials, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, saliva collectors, etc. Abiding by the principle of mutual benefit, reputation primary, quality priority, we warmly welcome all the client, new or old, home or overseas, to work hand in hand for the bright future.

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Specimen bottle Industry Knowledge Extension

What Specimen Bottles Can Do
Specimen bottles are containers used to collect, store, and transport various types of biological samples for laboratory analysis. The specific capabilities of specimen bottles can vary depending on the type of sample being collected and the intended use of the sample, but some common capabilities include:
Preserving sample integrity: Specimen bottles are designed to preserve the integrity of biological samples, preventing degradation or contamination that could affect the accuracy of laboratory analysis. They may be made of materials that resist chemical or biological reactions, or they may contain preservatives or stabilizers to maintain sample quality.
Maintaining sample sterility: Some specimen bottles are designed to maintain sample sterility, preventing contamination by microorganisms or other substances that could interfere with laboratory analysis. They may be pre-sterilized or contain antimicrobial agents to inhibit bacterial growth.
Supporting different sample types: Specimen bottles are available in a range of sizes and shapes to support different types of samples, including blood, urine, saliva, tissue, and more. They may also be designed to accommodate different types of sample collection methods, such as swabs or needles.
Facilitating sample transportation: Specimen bottles are designed to withstand transportation and handling during shipment, ensuring that samples arrive at the laboratory intact and in good condition. They may be leak-proof, durable, and easy to label and track.
Meeting regulatory requirements: Specimen bottles may need to meet specific regulatory requirements depending on the type of sample being collected and the intended use of the sample. For example, they may need to meet standards for biohazard containment, chemical resistance, or stability under extreme temperatures.
Specimen bottles play a critical role in ensuring accurate and reliable laboratory analysis of biological samples. Careful consideration of their capabilities and specifications can help ensure optimal sample collection, storage, and transport for a range of laboratory applications.
Is Pasteur Pipet a Category of Specimen Bottles?

Pasteur pipettes are not typically classified as specimen bottles. Pasteur pipettes are thin, elongated glass or plastic tubes used in laboratories to transfer small volumes of liquids. They are often used to transfer small amounts of reagents or to remove small volumes of liquid from a larger sample.
In contrast, specimen bottles are containers used to collect, store, and transport various types of biological samples for laboratory analysis. They may be made of glass or plastic and are designed to preserve the integrity and sterility of the sample during transportation and storage.
While both Pasteur pipettes and specimen bottles may be used in laboratory analysis, they serve different functions and are not typically considered interchangeable.

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