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Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology Development Co., Ltd. as a professional China wholesale Universal pipette manufacturers and Universal pipette suppliers, we devote to the development, production and sales. Due to the advanced plastic inserting molding machine and experienced technicians, we are able to develop and design new items by ourselves.

The products include cryogenic vials, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, saliva collectors, etc. Abiding by the principle of mutual benefit, reputation primary, quality priority, we warmly welcome all the client, new or old, home or overseas, to work hand in hand for the bright future.

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Universal pipette Industry Knowledge Extension

What Is The Biggest Feature of Universal Pipettes?

Universal pipettes are a type of pipette that can dispense different volumes of liquids accurately and precisely, typically ranging from microliters to milliliters. The biggest feature of universal pipettes is their ability to be adjustable, meaning that they can be set to dispense a specific volume of liquid within their range, rather than being limited to a single volume setting like many fixed-volume pipettes. This makes universal pipettes more versatile and convenient for researchers who need to work with a range of liquid volumes in their experiments. Additionally, many universal pipettes come with various accessories, such as different tips or adaptors, which further increase their flexibility and utility.
What Is The Convenience of Pipette Tips With Filter

Pipette tips with filters offer several conveniences compared to regular pipette tips. Here are a few:
Contamination prevention: Pipette tips with filters can prevent aerosols, particles, and liquids from entering the pipette barrel and potentially contaminating the sample or affecting the accuracy of the pipetting. The filters are typically made of a hydrophobic material, such as polyethylene, which repels liquids and allows air to pass through.
Sample protection: Filters can also protect sensitive samples from cross-contamination. For example, when working with DNA or RNA samples, pipette tips with filters can help prevent the transfer of DNA or RNA fragments from one sample to another.
Convenience: Pipette tips with filters are easy to use and can save time in the lab. The filters are integrated into the tip, eliminating the need for additional filtration steps or equipment.
Increased accuracy: Pipette tips with filters can improve pipetting accuracy by reducing the formation of air bubbles in the sample, which can affect the volume of liquid being dispensed.
Pipette tips with filters offer several advantages that can make them a convenient and reliable option for researchers working with sensitive samples or in environments where contamination is a concern.

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