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What Convenience Does 2D CryoTube Bring?

2D CryoTube is a common Disposable Medical Consumables, so what convenience does 2D CryoTube bring to our medical work?

The unique 2D code is firmly affixed to the bottom of the freezing tube and can be quickly identified by most brands of 2D code scanners, which is convenient for information query and tracking and is suitable for storing samples in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.


· Free-standing bottom laser-etched QR code without fading and deformation

· Temperature tolerance range -190℃ to 121℃

· PP pipe, PE screw cap, passed the 95kPa test to ensure sealing

· Ready to use, Gamma sterilized

· No RNase, no DNase and no pyrogen

· 0.5mL and 1.5mL are available

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