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Tips For Using Universal Pipette Tips

As we all know, pipette tips are a common biomedical laboratory consumable. The manufacturer of Fangye brings you a little common sense on the use of universal pipette tips!

1. Use suitable tips

To ensure better accuracy and precision, it is recommended that the pipetting volume is within the range of 35%-100% of the tip's volume.

2. Installation of the suction head

For most brands of pipettes, especially multi-channel pipettes, it is not easy to install the tip: in order to achieve a good seal, it is necessary to insert the pipette handle into the tip, turn it left and right or shake it back,  and forth to tighten it firmly. Some people will use the pipette to repeatedly bump the tip to tighten it, but this operation will cause the tip to deform and affect the accuracy, and in severe cases, the pipette will be damaged, so such an operation should be avoided. Dragonlab's multi-channel pipettes do not have O-rings, and with the tips with front stops, the ideal seal can be achieved with just a light pressure, which is really good news for multi-channel pipette users.

3. Tip immersion angle and depth

The immersion angle of the tip should be controlled within 20 degrees, and it is better to keep it vertical; the recommended immersion depth of the tip is as follows: pipette specification tip immersion depth 2µL and 10µL 1 mm20uL and 100uL2-3 mm200uL and 1000uL 3-6 mm5000 µL and 10mL6-10 mm

4. Tip rinsing For samples at room temperature, tip rinsing helps to improve accuracy; but for high-temperature or low-temperature samples, tip rinsing reduces operational accuracy, so users should pay special attention.

5. Liquid absorption speed The pipetting operation should maintain a smooth and appropriate liquid absorption speed; too fast liquid absorption speed will easily cause the sample to enter the sleeve handle, causing damage to the piston and sealing ring and cross-contamination of the sample.

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