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The Use And Characteristics of 2D Cryotubes

2D CryoTube: The unique 2D code is firmly attached to the bottom of the freezing tube, which can be quickly identified by most 2D code scanners, which is convenient for information query and tracking, and is suitable for storing samples in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.

1. SBS tube is preset with QR strip, and the tube cap adopts an integrated sealing ring design, which has good sealing performance and prevents liquid leakage.
2. Three codes are marked on the side of the SBS grid pattern, and the bottom has a bar code with the same content to realize the synchronous arrangement of the pipe and the grid.
3. The grille design has multiple playback functions, which can be easily unlocked by the buckle.
4. The two-dimensional code made by laser etching has good stability, anti-fading deformation, and abrasion resistance.
5. The SBS grid fits perfectly with the SBS tube, which is convenient for high-throughput automated workstations.

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