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The Saliva Collector Perfectly Embodies Its Advantages

Based on the current situation, the most convenient gene sampling method is blood and saliva.

Saliva collector, also known as saliva collection device, saliva collector, saliva collection tube, oral sampling tube, etc. It consists of a collection funnel, a funnel cover, a collection tube and a collection tube cap. There is a cell preservation solution sealed in plastic film in the funnel lid. Fangye Medical has improved and upgraded the original saliva collector and launched a new saliva collector. Compared with the old saliva collector, the new saliva collector has obvious advantages.

Flexible collection
Different from traditional saliva collectors, Fangye Medical's new saliva collectors are more flexible and can be easily collected in laboratories, outpatient clinics, and even at home, regardless of location.

Stable and convenient
When stored at room temperature, the saliva sample can still remain stable; there is no need for cold chain transportation during transportation, which is more convenient and hassle-free.

Wide range of applications
We need to know that blood sample collection is not suitable for everyone, and the saliva collector has shown its advantages to help children and patients who are not eligible for blood sample collection.

higher security
Compared with blood sample collection, which is prone to wounds and accidental infection, saliva collection is non-invasive to collect samples and reduce the chance of infection.

High quality and high efficiency
Sample processing facilitates automatic purification, improves collection efficiency, and can obtain more DNA with better quality.

I hope this article can give you a new understanding of the saliva collector kit. If you want to know more professional information, please continue to pay attention to our medical consumables supplier.