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Structure And Characteristics Of Cryotube With Internal/External Thread Nut

Cryovials refer to vials for cryopreservation in the liquid nitrogen phase, a high seal with 2 claws on the tube prevents sample leakage in the liquid nitrogen gas phase. Designed for usability, the Cryotube can fill liquid samples to maximum capacity and match a variety of holders.

1. Cap lock mechanism

There are small protrusions on the body of the cap lock mechanism and on the cover.
Therefore, the tube has a high sealing effect to prevent sample leakage.

2. Liquid samples can be filled to the maximum capacity

Sampling to the maximum capacity scale is marked on the fuselage.
The maximum volume of liquid that can be filled.
3. Feature Bottom Shape

Feature Bottom Shape The unique shape of the bottom prevents idling when using this feature.
Compatible with various rack Cryotubes.

4. Flat cover
Flat cap cover surface with space for writing.

The internal thread type of the cryotube cap opener for the internal thread can be tightly closed, and the sealing effect is good. However, there are cases where the female thread type closes too tightly to be opened by hand. Cryotubes with internally threaded caps enable the use of canes to store tubes.

Cryotubes with externally threaded screw caps allow the use of a cane to store the tube, but it is common for the tube to be blocked by the cap when fully stored.

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