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Specimen Bottle Labeling Requirements

A specimen vial is a vial that is used to hold urine specimens during transport to the laboratory, after being sealed and labeled in accordance with the procedures set forth in this policy. Today, I will briefly introduce some requirements for specimen bottle labels.

The UC Irvine Department of Pathology Services has established a uniform policy for specimen acceptance/rejection:

1. Positive impact on patient care
2. Protect the quality of specimens
3. Eliminate the risk of exposure to healthcare workers
4. Meets all certification standards

To protect patients from adverse errors caused by improperly labelled specimens, laboratory policy requires that proper labeling standards be met at all times. Each specimen brought to the laboratory must have a label on the container that holds the specimen. Labeling only on lids, shipping bags, or other containers used to transport specimens is not acceptable. Labels must contain the following clear information:

1. Patient name
2. Patient medical record number with check digit
3. Patient Location
4. Collection date and time
5. Specimen Type and/or Source
6. Testing required (note any special handling required)
7. Make an appointment with a doctor

If available, use the address map to enter all data on the prepared labels, making sure to fill in any additional information required that is not on the address map.

To learn more, please continue to pay attention to our medical consumables suppliers.