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Some Questions And Answers About Deep Well Plates

Are there reagents in the new crown nucleic acid deep well plate?
Have. The nucleic acid preservation solution is actually colorless, and the deep-well plates used to store samples in the laboratory are also colorless. There are reagents, and nucleic acid testing personnel need to wear protective face shields or goggles when adding samples to biological safety cabinets.

Can the 96-deep well plates be reused?
Depending on the experimental requirements, if the experimental results are not high, you can repeat them. Our laboratory uses the deep well plate of Jingan Biotechnology.

What kind of requirements can the 96-well deep well plate meet?
A good deep-hole plate with 96 holes is very useful, and it is used in many places to maintain stability. However, if you want to make the deep-hole plate meet the standard, you need to see if the product can meet the following requirements. It does not deform when refrigerated, and there is no DNase contamination when used.

What are the advantages of deep-well plate 96-well products?
Nowadays, many medical equipments pay attention to safety and environmental protection when they are used. The 96-well deep-well plate is a very good product. It can be conveniently transported without leaking liquid, and can also be used to culture bacterial nucleic acid samples. The transparency is very high and the surface is engraved. There are many numbers and letters for easy identification of the individual holes.

How to choose among the many 96-well deep-well plate manufacturers?
Choosing a good 96-well deep-well plate manufacturer can make you safer when using it. However, there are many deep-well plate manufacturers now. If you want to choose a good manufacturer, you should look at the strength of the manufacturer. Huangyan Fang The products of Yeye Technology Development Co., Ltd. are very good, and the product quality is guaranteed. The company also has its own R&D team, which can provide better products.

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