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Saliva Collectors Collect Samples Have Gradually Attracted Attention

Saliva is a mixed fluid composed of salivary gland secretions, gingival crevicular fluid, and mucosal exudates, which stores a large number of human oral microorganisms and local oral tissues, and other parts of the body. The DNA, RNA,  and protein diversity of infected microorganisms and viruses. complex biological information. Saliva collection is non-invasive, highly reproducible, safe, and inexpensive, so salivaomics has gradually attracted people's attention. With the research progress in the fields of saliva genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, microbiomics, metabolomics, and miRNA, the use of saliva collectors for saliva detection has become an important tool for the recognition and early diagnosis of certain oral diseases and systemic systemic diseases. As a more practical and reliable method for disease diagnosis, salivaomics is still in the early research stage in disease diagnosis.

Saliva is an excellent non-invasive alternative to blood collection. Human genomic DNA from buccal epithelial cells and leukocytes found in saliva can be used for various applications in diagnostics. Saliva DNA can be used to detect biomarkers to diagnose disease, track disease progression or monitor the effects of specific treatments. Saliva DNA can also be used to diagnose certain types of infections. DNA isolation from saliva has emerged as an attractive alternative to isolation from blood or tissue due to the fact that sample collection is non-invasive, can be collected by individuals without training, and requires no special equipment.

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