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Recommendations For The Use Of Pipette Tips

When using pipette tips in biomedical laboratory consumables, we often do not know how to use them correctly. Today, we will bring you some tips for using pipette tips!

1) Maintain correct posture when pipetting; do not hold the pipette tightly at all times, use a pipette with finger hooks to help relieve hand fatigue; change hands frequently if possible.

2) Regularly check the sealing condition of the pipette. Once the seal is aging or leaking, the sealing ring must be replaced in time.

3) Calibrate the pipette 1-2 times a year (depending on the frequency of use).

4) For most pipettes, apply a layer of lubricating oil to the piston before use and after using for a period of time to maintain sealing; for pipettes with conventional ranges, no lubricating oil is also ideal. tightness.

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