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Reagent Chamber And Reagent Bottles

The reagent chamber of the discrete automatic biochemical analyzer can be equipped with a turntable for placing reagent bottles. Generally, more than 20 kinds of plastic reagent bottles with certain shapes can be placed. Large-scale analyzers can place 30 to 45 kinds of reagent bottles. The capacity of the reagent bottles is generally 10ml ~ 100ml. Different reagents can be selected by rotating the reagent turntable.

The reagent room is also designed in the form of a reagent rack, which can place reagent bottles of any shape with a capacity of 250ml ~ 500ml. The reagent bottles cannot be rotated, but each reagent bottle leads out a reagent pipeline and its nozzle, that is, each reagent has its own dedication Therefore, there is no cross-contamination between different reagents; however, the long reagent pipeline makes the dead volume of the reagents larger, so it is suitable for testing items with a high frequency of use and large consumption of reagents.

The large analyzer is equipped with a first reagent room and a second reagent room at the same time, that is, it has the function of adding two reagents to the same detection item, and individual analyzers also have the function of adding a third reagent. For instruments with barcode devices, the reagent bottles with barcodes can be placed anywhere on the turntable of the reagent room, and the instrument can automatically identify the type, batch number, and expiration date of the reagents. The reagent chambers are equipped with refrigeration devices, which can store reagents at 4°C ~ 10°C.

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