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Product Characteristics and Usage of Saliva Collector

Saliva collection is a harmless and painless method to obtain DNA/RNA. This method will not cause any discomfort to the collected person, and is easy to be accepted, so it can maximize the sampling range of genetic research. The saliva collector is mainly composed of a collecting funnel, a collecting tube, a saliva preservation solution and a collecting tube cover. In the funnel, there is saliva preservation liquid sealed by plastic film, which can be stored for a long time at room temperature after being mixed with saliva, and the DNA/RNA of saliva sample is not damaged. This product is green and easy to carry.

Product Features

Simple: The collection process is simple, fast and easy to operate;

Flexible: it can be collected easily in laboratory, clinic and even at home;

Convenience: The collected saliva is stable, stored at normal temperature and convenient for transportation;

Widely: especially suitable for children and patients who do not meet the conditions of blood sample collection;

Safety: non-invasive collection of samples to reduce the chance of infection;

Efficient: sample processing is convenient for automatic purification, and more DNA/RNA with better quality can be obtained.


Used for collecting, storing and transporting DNA/RNA in human oral saliva samples.

Collection Principle

This product collects saliva samples secreted by oral cavity through collecting tube, and evenly mixes the collected saliva with saliva preservation solution, thus ensuring the integrity of DNA/RNA in saliva samples and their long-term preservation at room temperature.

Storage Conditions and Validity Period

Storage conditions: 15~30℃ away from light.

Validity: 24 months.

Usage Method

1. Before collecting samples for 30 min, rinse with clear water and fast after rinsing;

2. Relax and massage your cheeks, and spit saliva into the funnel until the amount of saliva (without bubbles) reaches the height of the saliva filling line;

3. Single hand-held tube, please contact Vaughan at any time to ensure that the collecting tube is in an upright state. Press the splash cover with your thumb until you hear a click, and make sure that the cover is tight;

4. Gently pull the exposed sealing strip with the other hand, so that the DNA/RNA stabilizing solution slowly flows into the collecting tube and is mixed with saliva;

5. Keep the collecting pipe in an upright state, unscrew the funnel, and cover and tighten the collecting pipe with the collecting pipe cover;

6. Mix the tightened collecting pipe upside down for 10~15 times, put it in a packaging bag, and discard the funnel.

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