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PFA Reagent Bottle Product Features

PFA sampling bottle: also called soluble polytetrafluoroethylene sampling bottle, Teflon reagent bottle, high-temperature sampling bottle, etc.


1. Good transparency, stable product quality, smooth surface inside the bottle can be seen with the naked eye, the inner and outer walls of the bottle are smooth, easy to clean without hanging on the wall, and there is no liquid residue on the bottle mouth and inner wall;

2. The bottle mouth and bottle cap are well sealed, no bottle stopper is required, and the liquid does not leak; high-purity reagents and standard samples can be sealed and stored for a long time;

3. Resistant to strong corrosive samples such as strong acid and strong alkali, such as aqua regia, magic acid, hydrogen fu acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, etc., and various organic solvents;

4. Low dissolution and precipitation, it is a container for storing standard substances, strong corrosiveness, and ultra-high purity reagents;

5. High-temperature resistance, the operating temperature is -200 to +260 degrees;

6. Anti-pollution: the low blank value of metal elements,

7. The PFA reagent bottle can store low-concentration standard elements for a long time;

8. Commonly used in ICP-MS analysis, mainly for trace analysis, isotope analysis, and other laboratories

Product Name Specifications MOQ Item No. Material

PFA reagent bottle 30ml3 RNKJ0030PFA

60ml3 RNKJ0060

100ml3 RNKJ00100

250ml small mouth 3 RNKJ00250

250ml big mouth 3 RNKJ00250D

300ml big mouth 3 RNKJ00300D

500ml small mouth 3 RNKJ00500

500ml big mouth 3 RNKJ00500D

1000ml1 RNKJ001000

2000ml1 RNKJ002000

3000ml1 RNKJ003000

Material: PFA (Soluble Polytetrafluoroethylene) Teflon Reagent Bottle Use, suitable for water quality testing, and sample preservation for ICP analysis, with less metal ion dissolution.

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