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Performance Characteristics of Sterile Sampling Bottles

Sterile sampling bottle auxiliary coliform detection reagent provides a simple, rapid and accurate qualitative and quantitative detection of total coliform, fecal (heat-resistant) coliform, and Escherichia coli experimental program.


1. Irradiation sterilization treatment, in line with ISO11137 requirements, sterility assurance level (SAL) is not higher than 10-3;

2. Contains 10mg of sodium thiosulfate to neutralize residual chlorine in water;

3. The bottle body has a water level scale line, which can better judge the amount of sampling water;

4. Two kinds of sterile sampling bottles of 100mL and 250mL;

5. Each batch of sterile sampling bottles is accompanied by a certificate of sodium thiosulfate content;

6. Each sterile sampling bottle can quantify 100mL/250mL water samples and dissolve enzyme substrate reagents;

7. The bottle body has good permeability and can interpret positive results.

Application areas:

Using the simple and rapid detection characteristics of the enzyme substrate method, combined with electromechanical and optical detection technology, through process-controlled quantitative sealing technology and specific MPN algorithm processing, it provides a simple, rapid and accurate quantitative detection of total coliform bacteria, fecal (heat-resistant) large intestine Microflora and Escherichia coli protocols. It can meet the detection of microbial pollution indicators in multiple scenarios such as drinking water, environmental water, etc.

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