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Medical Consumable Reagent Bottles Are Widely Used

Reagent bottles for medical consumables are special containers for medicines, reagents, disinfectants, etc., and are widely used in hospitals, medical institutions, pharmaceutical factories, scientific research institutions, and clinical laboratories. The different uses of medical consumable reagent bottles, they can be divided into disposable medical consumable reagent bottles and multiple-use medical consumable reagent bottles. At present, the medical consumable reagent bottles on the market mainly include plastic medical consumable reagent bottles, glass medical consumable reagent bottles and metal medical consumable reagent bottles.

Among them, plastic medical consumable reagent bottles are cost-effective, but they are easily damaged and cannot be used for acidic or strong alkaline liquids; metal medical consumable reagent bottles have good corrosion resistance, but are easy to be polluted and difficult to clean; glass medical consumable reagent bottles are easy to clean. Clean, but easily damaged, the price is more expensive. For different medical consumable reagent bottle materials, we can customize packaging according to customer requirements.

Medical consumable reagent bottle performance test
The performance test of the reagent bottle mainly includes a pressure resistance test, impact resistance test, temperature change resistance test, chemical resistance test, and size measurement.

What is the process of using the medical consumable kit?
1. First, put the medical consumable reagent into the bottle.
2. Then, test the medical consumable reagent in the bottle.
3. Finally, the medical consumable kit in the bottle is analyzed.

Medical application field
Reagent bottles have a wide variety of uses in medical applications. They can be used as sample containers in therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, as well as consumable materials for medical tools and equipment. In addition, medical consumable reagent bottles can also be used to store and transport drugs, vaccines, and other biological agents.

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