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Knowledge Of Nucleic Acid Purification By Spin Column Method

At present, the spin column method is the most commonly used purification method for nucleic acid purification, which is convenient and fast.
And the characteristics of high yield are loved by researchers.

1. What is the principle of nucleic acid purification by spin column method?

The water molecular structure film on the surface of the nucleic acid will be destroyed in a high-salt environment, thus adsorbing on the spin column
On the principle that other impurities such as proteins will be centrifuged and precipitated, the separation of nucleic acids can be achieved through elution
Purifying effect.

The steps of nucleic acid purification by spin column method are generally divided into four steps: lysis, binding, washing, and elution.

2. What are the advantages of the spin column method over other extraction methods?

The spin column method, the organic method, and the magnetic bead method all play a role in different application fields due to their unique advantages.
important role. Compared with the organic method, the spin column method is more convenient and efficient, and the purification can usually be completed within 30 minutes. The yield of its purified product will also be higher than that of the organic method. More importantly, through the optimization of the kit buffer and adsorption membrane, the spin column method can better deal with a variety of sample types, such as blood, culture fluid, plants, swabs, viruses, bacteria, etc. For different applications, a specific type of nucleic acid can be purified, such as plasmids, mRNA, microRNA, etc. Compared with the magnetic bead method, the throughput of the spin column method is more flexible and does not require equipment. Let high-quality nucleic acid purification enter every molecular biology laboratory in a cost-effective manner.

For different product types, choosing different purification tools is crucial to the success of the experiment.
In order to solve the problems of difficult nucleic acid extraction, cumbersome and inefficient extraction and purification process, low nucleic acid concentration, and poor purity, and simplify and speed up the nucleic acid purification process, nucleic acid purification kits suitable for various sample types and research fields are needed.

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