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Is There Any Difference Between The Spherical Cap And The Flat Cap Of The PCR Tube?

The disposable PCR tube is made of polypropylene (PP) material, integrated design, and the whole set of products cooperates smoothly; it has strong transparency, good softness, strong corrosion resistance, anti-static product, and good air tightness.

Is there any difference between the spherical cap and the flat cap of the PCR tube?

The amount of the whole system should be kept better after the spherical cap is run, and the amount of the system will be slightly lost after the flat cap PCR tube is run because sometimes the temperature is high and the time is slow in the PCR program. So long, the amount of the system will be a little loss. But it doesn't matter if you don't need to be very accurate.

Round one is protruding, and the water will evaporate to the top of the cover after high temperature. Because the protuberance has a slope, the water will flow down along the trend and flow into the tube. As for the flat cover, one is because the cover is not tight sometimes, and the other is that after the water evaporates to the top of the cover, it will stay in the cover, and if it accumulates too much, it will flow out from the side to the outside of the tube. If you want to verify, you can make a comparison. After the PCR is completed, measure the volumes in the two cases.

Product Features
Highly transparent, medical polypropylene material (Polypropylene, PP);
Thin wall: fast heat transfer, uniform wall thickness;
Accurate heat conduction, accurate temperature control, uniform heating of samples, and reduced experimental cycle time;
High temperature resistance: can be sterilized by autoclaving at 121°C (20min);
Suitable for conventional PCR temperature cycle systems and quantitative PCR systems.

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