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Is A Centrifuge Tube A Pcr Tube?

A centrifuge tube is a tubular sample container that can have a sealed lid or a crimp cap, but a centrifuge tube is not necessarily a PCR tube.


There are many kinds of centrifuge tubes according to their capacity, commonly used are 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, or 50ml, the smallest one (250ul) can be used as a PCR tube. The PCR reaction plate is 96-well or 384-well, which is specially designed for batch reactions. The principle is that the throughput of the PCR machine and the sequencer is generally 96 or 384.


In biological science, especially in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology research, it has been widely used, and each biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory must prepare various types of centrifuges. Centrifugal technology is mainly used for the separation and preparation of various biological samples. The biological sample suspension is placed in a centrifuge tube under high-speed rotation. Due to the huge centrifugal force, the suspended tiny particles (such as organelles, precipitation of biological macromolecules, etc. ) settle at a certain speed so as to be separated from the solution.


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