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Introduction to The Main Product Features of PCR Tubes

PCR tube is a class of disposable medical consumables products. This product specification is 0.2ml PCR tube, convex cap, transparent color, no DNase, RNase and heat source. It is compatible with most conventional system PCR machines, such as ABI/Life Technologies ordinary and quantitative PCR machines, Agilent, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf and other brands of PCR machines. The main features of this product are as follows:

1. Ultra-thin uniform high-quality polypropylene (PP) material, extremely uniform tube wall thickness, to ensure uniform heating of the reaction system, the best choice for PCR reactions.

2. Sophisticated design, flat and smooth appearance, fits the heating module of most brands of PCR machines and has good thermal stability.

3. The qPCR tube cover is designed and processed with mirror surface, which has good light transmittance, and fully considers the optical factors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experimental results.

4. Good airtightness, easy switching, reducing finger wear.

5. Strict optical and appearance inspections ensure the consistency and stability of the product.

6. Low evaporation rate, low adsorption, high thermal conductivity.

7. Using five-star high-quality molds, the surface of the PCR tube is more uniform and smooth.

8. Fully automatic production system to ensure uniform quality.

9. All raw materials used have passed the US FDA certification.

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