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Introduction To The Collection Method Of Saliva Collector

Saliva Collectors, suitable for collecting and storing saliva and cell DNA at room temperature, can be stored stably at room temperature for more than 2 years. The preserved saliva can subsequently be used for DNA extraction and purification. It can be used for genetic testing and other purposes, by extracting cellular DNA from saliva and analyzing the nucleotide sequence of DNA to determine the type of gene and guide a healthy life.

Saliva collection has the advantages of being non-invasive and painless and can be used for people of all ages, including the elderly and babies. Generally speaking, no snacks, tea, alcohol, beverages, smoking, chewing gum, etc. are allowed within 15-30 minutes before collecting saliva DNA samples. Before collecting saliva, please relax your facial muscles and gently rub your cheeks for about 1 minute to facilitate the production of saliva and also promote the shedding of oral mucosal epithelial cells. At this time, saliva is collected into a saliva collection tube.

 Saliva collection method:
1. Gently spit saliva into the oval collection port of the saliva collector. When collecting saliva, care should be taken to avoid excessive saliva.
2. Collect saliva until the interface between saliva and saliva in the collection tube reaches at least the scale line shown in 2ml.
3. Evenly buckle the cover of the collector with the preservation solution onto the oval collection opening. There will be a slight click when buckling, and the preservation solution evenly flows into the collection tube, which indicates that the cover has been buckled, otherwise, it needs to be lightly clicked. Gently open the cover of the collector, and then buckle it evenly again until the preservation solution evenly flows into the collection tube.
4. Gently shake the DNA saliva collector to make the cell preservation stabilizing liquid flow into the collection tube more completely.
5. Confirm that the interface between the liquid in the collection tube and the upper layer of saliva reaches the scale line shown in 4ml.
6. The collection is complete.

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