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How To Choose The Right Automatic Liquid Relief Pipet Tip

The pipette is an indispensable experimental instrument in biological research, and the number of its accessories tips used in the experiment is also very large. Today I will teach you how to choose the automatic liquid relief pipet tip correctly from two aspects.

1. Material

At present, the tips on the market are basically made of polypropylene plastic (colorless and transparent plastic with high chemical inertness and wide temperature range). However, with polypropylene, the quality can vary greatly: high-quality tips are generally made of natural polypropylene, while low-cost tips are likely to be recycled polypropylene plastic. In addition, most tips will also add a small amount of additives during the manufacturing process. The common ones are: 1. Color developing materials. Commonly known as blue tip (1000ul) and yellow tip (200ul) in the market, the corresponding color-developing material is added to polypropylene; 2. Release agent. Helps the tip break away from the mold quickly after forming. Of course, the more additives, the higher the chance of undesired chemical reactions during pipetting. So it's best not to add additives! However, due to the relatively high requirements on the production process, there are very few tips on the market that do not add additives at all.

2. Packaging

The packaging forms of suction tips are mainly bagged and boxed. In relatively mature markets, boxes are the majority; in China, bags are currently the absolute mainstream - mainly because bags are cheap. The so-called bag packing is to put the tips in a plastic ziplock bag, 500 or 1000 per bag. Most users will buy the bagged tips and then manually put the tips into the tip box. Although labor in China is relatively cheap, it also increases the chance of contaminating the tip! In addition, in recent years, a new form of packaging has emerged, that is, refill (8 or 10 plates of tips are stacked in a tower shape, which can quickly put tips into the tip box without touching the tips). The tips require less storage space and significantly reduce the use of plastic, thus achieving environmental protection. Although the share of this form in the country is still very small, it must be the general trend in the long run.

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