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How Many Years Can Laboratory Consumable Cryotube Be Stored?

Can centrifuge tubes be used as cryogenic tubes?
Under normal circumstances, centrifuge tubes can replace cryotubes, but in ultra-low temperature freezing, centrifuge tubes cannot be used as cryotubes. You can’t just look at the material. Although centrifuge tubes are also made of polypropylene (PP), they are different from cryotubes. The use requirements are different, and the production process is different, so they cannot replace each other.

What are the specifications of the screw-top cryogenic tubes with graduation?
2ml and 5ml specifications are the most common

How long can cryovials last?
It must be known that it is like a frozen tube, and the storage time is relatively long, at least for about 10 years, or even longer, so you need to adjust it yourself. The service life of the insulation pipe is closely related to factors such as quality and environment. Under normal circumstances, the polyurethane insulation pipe can be used for more than 30 years.

What is the pipe in the refrigerator freezer?
A condenser tube is a laboratory device used to induce condensation, usually consisting of two glass tubes, one inside and one outside, with the smaller glass tube running through the larger glass tube. It is a glass instrument that uses the principle of heat exchange to cool and condense condensable gas into a liquid.

What are the commonly used laboratory consumables?
1. Ceramic products: Buchner funnel, porcelain evaporating dish, porcelain ark, white reaction plate, porcelain crucible, porcelain mortar, porcelain crucible stand, combustion tube, etc.
2. Metal products: faucet, sample spoon (medicine spoon), crucible iron stand, titration stand, test tube stand, crucible tongs, alcohol blowtorch, clips, tweezers, experimental scissors, lifting platform, Bunsen burner, etc.
3. Biochemical consumables: culture plates, cryopreservation boxes, deep well plates, PCR  cryotube boxes, Petri dishes, staining racks, culture tubes, cell cryopreservation, enzyme label plates, etc.
4. Paper products: label paper, test paper, PH  test paper, filter paper, weighing paper, lens cleaning paper, etc.
5. Rubber products: silicone tubes, white rubber plugs, flask holders, ear washing balls, gloves, reverse plugs, silicone plugs, latex tubes, rubber tubes, double balls, etc.

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