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Features Of TPP Cryotubes

TPP cryovials are used to store samples in a freezer or similar cryogenic equipment.
During storage, the product may become stressed. TPP design and high-quality materials ensure safe transportation during and after thawing.

Features of cryovials:

Depending on the geometry of the thread, TPP can avoid the use of silicone gaskets, allowing the safety and sealing of the pipe.
The design of the external thread allows for a smooth inner surface, eliminating the loss of sample material during removal.
Colored inserts provide easy marking and identification
Offers a convenient, puncture and tear-resistant, re-closable and laser perforated bag.
can stand independently
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Locking System:
One-handed operation is possible with the TPP cryotube rack, which has a locking system in the groove.

Laser perforation:

Laser perforation makes the first opening of the bag easier and does not require an auxiliary opening aid. Plus, there's an integral laser perforation as a safety seal.


Enables easy, multiple opening and closing of the bag. This is great value for bags with large capacity.

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