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Detection Optimized Saliva Collection Kit

The original saliva collection kit has strong versatility and is suitable for existing workflows. It saves time and space compared with the current non-standardized collection methods, thereby realizing safe and economical detection.

Features of saliva collection kit:

1. Safety: Convenient funnel tube and lid with medical grade packaging, can be collected by yourself

2. Efficient: The 6mL collection tube with barcode can be seamlessly loaded into the existing automatic test tube rack, saving time and space

3. Convenient to purchase: a one-time individually packaged kit, 400 pcs per box, provided by a trusted supplier

4. Flexible: Compatible with viral RNA extraction, can be directly used in the PCR workflow, which is convenient for low-cost detection

5. Compatible: MagMAX Viral Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (RUO), KingFisher, TaqCheck, TaqMan and other systems

Advantages compared with nasal swab and nasopharyngeal collection:

Non-invasive sample collection


Collection tube size is suitable for automatic test tube rack

Can be easily purchased from trusted suppliers

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