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Description and Product Features of Cryovials

2D CryoTube is a common medical consumable. Today we will talk about the description and product features of cryotubes.


Non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic raw material and pyrogen-free IVD-compatible tubes for increased sample safety

SAL 10-6 Highest Sterility Certification

Suitable for general refrigeration (4 ℃) to liquid nitrogen storage

Bulk, capless, non-sterile packaging available for less demanding applications


Tube body and tube bottom three codes in one, namely barcode + QR code + naked eye readable numbers

Laser etched code

14*14 dot matrix QR code

high contrast

Standard SBS size


Patented technology to ensure the security of sample information, even if only one code is kept intact, the sample identity information can be read

No peeling, permanent ID

Each lattice corresponds to 1 sample, and a large amount of information supports the scale of the sample library

Can still be read normally under low temperature storage conditions

Compatible with automation equipment

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