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Common Methods For 36-Well 5ml Cryopreservation Tubes

36-well 5ml cryovial storage box is a common storage solution for biological samples such as DNA, RNA, protein, and cells. There are several ways to use and store the 36-well 5ml Cryotube Storage Box, including:

Store cryovials in a standard laboratory refrigerator at -80 °C to ensure sample stability.

Design tissue cryovials according to the experiment, e.g. by sample type, treatment, or time point. This helps ensure samples are easy to find and identify when needed.

Label each cryovial with sample information, such as sample type, date of collection, and any handling or experimental conditions. This helps prevent confusion and ensures that the correct sample is used for each experiment.

Use box dividers to separate cryovials into smaller groups, which help prevent cross-contamination and make it easier to find specific samples.

Use a freezer rack or storage system to organize cryovials inside the freezer. This helps optimize freezer space and ensures samples are stored in an organized and efficient manner.