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Common Human Medical Consumables Are Also Different

Common human medical consumables can be divided into airfoil type and drug-adding types according to different structures. Then, let’s take a look at the introduction of the components of common human medical consumables together with the medical consumables supplier!

The wing-shaped indwelling needle (type I) consists of a protective sleeve, catheter, bushing, fixed wing, catheter seat, needle tube, needle tube seat, exhaust connector, and protective cap.

The medicine-feeding indwelling needle (Type II) is composed of a protective sleeve, a catheter, a bushing, a rejection valve, a medicine mouth protective cap, a medicine filling port, a catheter seat, a fixed wing, a needle tube, a needle tube seat, an exhaust joint, and a protective cap.

1. The trocar peripheral catheter (catheter for short) is made of the fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (FEP), and the catheter should not be biologically hazardous.

2. The needle tube is made of 06Cr19Ni10 material specified in GB/T 1220.

Introduction to the components of common human medical consumables!
3. The bushing is made of polycarbonate (PC) material.

4. The rejection valve is made of medical silicone rubber material.

5. The fixed wing, catheter base, needle base, drug filling port, exhaust joint, and protective cap are made of medical polypropylene (PP).

6. The protective cover and the medicine mouth protective cap are made of medical polyethylene (PE) material.

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