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Classification And Characteristics of PCR Deep Well Plates

Shape classification of PCR deep well plates:

1.U bottom deep well plate

High-purity polypropylene material, high chemical stability, can be sterilized, suitable for multi-channel pipettes and automation equipment;

Capable of being sealed with adhesive film, heat sealed or used with autoclaved deep well plate lids, autoclavable (121°C, 20 minutes);

For identification systems, HTS, motherboard sampling and storage, mechanical sampling and automatic pipetting systems;

Suitable for biological fields, such as PCR, RIA, EIA and cell culture, as well as DNA detection, etc.;

Suitable for storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions and other laboratory solutions;

Suitable for nucleic acid extraction experiments, etc.

2. V bottom deep well plate:

Medical-grade PP material is selected, with excellent flatness to ensure the sealing performance of the heat-sealing film;

The product is free of DNase, RNase and pyrogen;

High temperature sterilization (121℃, 20 minutes);

Suitable for multi-channel pipettes and automation equipment, meeting the needs of fully automatic workstations and laboratories;

Product features of 96-well PCR deep-well plate:

1. The PCR plate is made of high-purity medical-grade polypropylene (PP), with low evaporation loss;

2. No DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin, PCR inhibitor and heat source pollution;

3. It can be used for fluorescence quantitative and qualitative experiments, and can be sterilized by radiation;

4. The nozzle is convex, which can increase the adhesion and effectively prevent the cross-contamination of liquids;

5. The white PCR plate is processed by white color masterbatch, with high fluorescence signal intensity and good detection effect;

6. The board surface is flat and thick, and there is no deformation after transportation and thermal cycling;

7. The transparent PCR plate has thin tube wall, good light transmittance, and the vertical (A-H) and horizontal (1-12) markings are clear;

8. Suitable for pressure sensitive film, heat sealing film and other sealing.

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