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Choose A Professional Saliva Collector Manufacturer

Saliva collectors, also known as saliva samplers, saliva collection devices, DNA saliva collection tubes, DNA sample collection saliva tubes, are safe, easy to operate, and affordable.

Among domestic saliva collector manufacturers, saliva sample collection is a method of obtaining genetic DNA that is harmless and painless to the human body. This method will not cause any discomfort to the collected persons and is easy to be accepted, so it can greatly expand the sampling range of DNA gene research. The law will not cause any discomfort to the collected persons and is easily accepted.

How to choose a saliva collector?

The oral swab can also be used with a saliva collector. In some special environments, such as children sampling saliva, it is necessary to use the oral swab to scrape and squeeze the saliva into the saliva funnel, release the saliva into the collection tube, so as to achieve the purpose of sampling. To collect saliva specimens better, we provide professional sampling tools, oral swab kits and saliva collector kits. Welcome everyone to consult the trial methods and collection instructions of saliva collection.

Features: The saliva collection tube can ensure the reliability and stability of each sample regardless of the heat or cold, and the detection process is optimized quickly.

The saliva collector is very simple, just spit the saliva gently to get the sample.

1.More convenient: The samples are stable and can be stored at room temperature for several years, which is convenient for transportation

2.More efficient: convenient for automatic purification, more quantity and better quality can be obtained

3.Safer: Collect samples non-invasively to reduce the chance of infection. Saliva collector process: within 30 minutes before taking saliva samples, please do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum. Do not tear off the plastic film on the funnel cover. Before spitting out saliva, relax your cheeks and knead gently for 30 seconds to produce saliva.

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