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Choice of Pipette And Automatic Liquid Relief Pipet

Why do more and more medical institution laboratories choose Fangye Universal Pipettes, let's analyze the advantages of its products together.

1. Finnpipette system

Provide years of unparalleled productivity and ergonomic design in thousands of laboratories and applications. Choose from Finnpipette™ F1, F2 or Novus Electronic models to easily meet any application challenge.

2. ClipTip Pipetting System

Worry-free pipetting is where the only tip is clamped on your pipette to completely seal each channel. Choose F1-ClipTip™ manual or E1-ClipTip™ electronic and equalizer pipettes, which have adjustable tip spacing models.

3. Pipette tips

Design, develop and manufacture the perfect fit for Thermo Scientific pipettes. The performance of the pipette is directly related to the quality of the pipette tip to obtain the best liquid handling results

4. Pipette and pipette tip accessories

Find a series of pipette holders to hold your pipettes and charge your electronic models while keeping them away from the workbench. You can also find an empty pipette tip holder for your reload system.

5. Serological pipettes and pipette filler

Our serological pipette product portfolio has a full range of size and packaging options to provide the quality assurance and dimensional variability you need.

6. Automated system prompts

These tips are specifically designed to obtain excellent liquid handling results and undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure consistency, resulting in excellent tip flatness and low coefficient of variation.

7. Pipette

Use our pipettes to prevent cross-contamination of samples and reduce airborne contamination of personnel.

8. Handheld repeater and bottle dispenser

Use a Finnpipette™ dispenser, Stepper or Multistepper pipette to quantify liquid from a reagent bottle, or dispense multiple times in rapid succession without refilling.

For more information about Automatic Liquid Relief Pipet products, please continue to pay attention to us.