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Briefly Describe The Spin Column Method For Dna Extraction

DNA, as the genetic material of most organisms, plays an irreplaceable role in heredity. At present, the commonly used methods are phenol-chloroform extraction, spin-column method, and magnetic bead method. Today, I will briefly describe the spin column method for DNA extraction.

The main principle of the spin column method is to fix the functional groups that can adsorb nucleic acid on the spin column mold. By adding different lysis reagents, washing reagents, and repeated centrifugation, the purpose of separating nucleic acid and impurities is achieved, and purified nucleic acid is obtained.


1. Higher purity than traditional phenol chloride extraction, which is beneficial to RNA protection

2. Able to perform micro-operations

With its low price and relatively convenient operation, it has gradually replaced the traditional DNA extraction method.


1. Need more samples and more consumables

2. DNA extraction by spin column method requires repeated centrifugation, which is inconvenient for high-throughput and automated operations, and requires a large number of operators and equipment

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