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Application Features of Automatic Liquid Relief Pipet

The Automatic Liquid Relief Pipet, is a laboratory device designed to measure the volume of liquids and draw them for dripping into other containers. Often used in biological experiments or chemical experiments.

Accuracy and precision are achieved through a variety of designs, ranging from simple one-piece glass pipettes to complex adjustable or electronically controlled pipettes. Many pipettes create a partial vacuum in the container above the liquid surface and selectively adjust the vacuum volume to aspirate or expel liquid. The accuracy of its measurement varies greatly from species to species.

Exhaust pipettes are pre-calibrated in two steps, followed by 1 ml and 0.1 ml pipetting of the same liquid. Perfect substitute for graduated glass pipettes in bacteriology at 1:10 serial dilutions.

Features of Automatic Liquid Relief Pipet:

Excellent ergonomics for easy maintenance, cleaning and sterilization

Two pre-calibrated fixed volumes - no setup required

Volume can be automatically calibrated

Replaceable PE nozzle protection filter

For height adjustment of the tip injector


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