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Advantages Of Deep Well Plate Features

A deep well plate is a laboratory device used to hold or store multiple test tubes. Deep-hole panels can be made of materials such as wood or plastic, and usually consist of a base, panels, and several columns for connection and support. There are several holes on the upper panel, and the test tube can be inserted upright; there are depressions on the base corresponding to the holes, which are used to limit the movement of the bottom of the test tube, so that the test tube can be placed neatly without falling down, and it is more difficult to store and move. It is also safer in a test tube. Deep well plates are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of test tubes. In addition, deep-well plates can be used as a carrier for careful handling of test tubes containing liquids, as well as other aids in the use of test tubes.

1. High-quality raw materials, imported polypropylene (PP) material with superior flatness, to ensure the sealing performance of the heat-sealing film;

2. U-shaped bottom and V-shaped bottom, suitable for sample mixing and collection;

3. The product is free of DNase, RNase, and pyrogen;

4. With good transparency, the numbers on the board are clear, which is convenient for sample tracking;

5. Less wall hanging phenomenon, no residue; good stability, no chemical reaction with the reagents in the board;

6. Can be frozen, refrigerated at -40 to -80°, and can be sterilized at high temperature (121°C, 20 minutes);

7. Centrifugation at 3000-4000 rpm without breaking or deformation;

8. Through strict air tightness inspection to ensure that the product does not leak liquid:

9. Suitable for multi-channel pipettes and automation equipment, meeting the needs of fully automatic workstations and laboratories.

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