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A Brief Introduction To Strain Preservation Tubes

The strain preservation tube is mainly composed of three parts: preservation solution, preservation tube, and small ceramic beads. It is a container for the preservation of strains in the laboratory. It is used for the preservation or transfer of strains. It can preserve general bacteria, harsh bacteria, mold, and fungi such as yeast and can also be stored in a strain storage tube under low-temperature conditions. There are 25 small ceramic beads with concave holes on the surface for the adsorption and preservation of bacteria, which can be used 25 times (1 per time) during the preservation cycle.


The low-temperature environment provides a state suitable for long-term dormancy for the excellent strains, that is, dryness, low temperature, lack of oxygen and nutrients, etc., so that the microorganisms are in a state of low metabolic activity, but they will not die, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation; small porcelain beads are specially The outside is densely covered with concave holes, and the bacteria can be firmly adsorbed on it; the preservation solution contains a special cryoprotectant, which can reduce the impact of ice crystals on the bacteria during the freezing process. Generally, there are 25 small ceramic beads in the bacteria preservation tube for the adsorption and preservation of bacteria.


During use, the bacteria are inoculated in a preservation tube and placed in a -20°C or -80°C environment for long-term storage. (-20℃ can be stored for one year, -80℃ can be stored for two years). The preservation of bacterial strains is always an essential task in the laboratory. For a long time, a variety of preservation methods such as plate passaging, slant passaging, and freeze-drying have been formed. As the storage time increases from short to long, the complexity of storage and the requirements for corresponding equipment is also gradually increasing. How obtain the best relationship between the preservation time and the complexity of preservation is the key to the preservation method of strains.


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