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2D CryoTube Realizes Orderly Digital Management

With the rapid development of modern biotechnology, numerous biological sample banks have been established in university laboratories, hospital sample banks, scientific research and testing centers. In order to adapt to the safe, orderly and digital management of the sample library, to eliminate errors caused by human identification of the tube body, and to improve work efficiency, the 2D CryoTube with two-dimensional code digital identification is your ideal choice.

Product advantages:

1. Using 100% polypropylene raw material (PP) that meets the requirements of the USP standard, it is produced in a class 100,000 clean workshop. There are two capacity specifications of 0.5ml and 1.5ml.

2. Multi-code integration of cryopreservation tube: two-dimensional code at the bottom of the tube + bar code in the writing area + digital number. The identification information of each pipe body is unique. Two-dimensional codes and barcodes are laser etched, so they will not fade, peel off, and have strong stability.

3. The black scale of the tube body is clearly printed, a large white writing area, and the tube cover is available in multiple colors. Optional caps: white, yellow, red, blue, green, purple.

4. The bottom of the frozen storage tube box is hollowed out at the bottom of each tube, which is dedicated to the desktop scanner to scan the QR code at the bottom of the tube. The unique bar code on the side of the cryopreservation tube box is convenient for classified query and centralized management.

Be sure to operate in accordance with the laboratory operating procedures, and the cryopreservation tube operated in accordance with the regulations shall be free from bursting, well-sealed, and leak-proof. Special reminder: This product can only be stored in the liquid nitrogen phase (the gas state on the liquid nitrogen). Do not intrude the cryotube directly into the liquid nitrogen for storage to prevent accidents caused by the rapid expansion of the pressure in the tube.

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