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2d Cryotube Can Effectively Improve Work Efficiency

The 2D CryoTube is made of pure polypropylene raw material that meets the USP Class VI standard, and the GMP 100,000-level clean workshop is produced in an integrated sealing gasket design, which is firmly sealed and not easy to leak. The bottom of the two-injection molding process is integrated, and the QR code gasket is firm and not easy to fall off. Laser etching Two-dimensional code, no fading and no deformation, good stability, can provide preset international standard Datamatrix II.




1. Medical-grade polypropylene material, resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and can be frozen and thawed repeatedly.


2. The tube body is printed in two colors, with a writing area, black scale printing, and six colors of the tube cover are optional.


3. Pre-set international standard Datamatrix QR code cryopreservation tubes can be provided, and QR code customization can be performed.


4. The preset QR code adopts unique microscopic imaging 2D coding technology.


5. Gamma-ray disinfection, free of RNase, DNase, endotoxin and foreign DNA.


6. Provide 2D cryovials and scanning PC cryo boxes combined sterilization set.


7. Withstand -196℃ ~121℃, safe storage under the condition of liquid nitrogen phase.


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